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I'm Melanie, a yoga and meditation teacher based in Kingston, UK
I help busy professionals feel better in their bodies, soothed in their minds, and energised in their lives through Yoga
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A good example of opportunities to bring the team together remotely

Thanks for setting that up and sharing. I think you have set a good example of opportunities to bring the team together remotely. Your teaching style works well and I appreciated the explanations of poses and setting them up with good form. Good luck with getting your studio started!


Corporate Yoga Client


Mel taught such a beautiful class this evening. Beautifully constructed and beautifully delivered. Wouldn’t expect anything less!


Yoga West London Studio Student

I cannot recommend her enough

“I’ve always been worried about attending a Yoga class due to my lack of experience, however, after my first online class with Mel, I cannot recommend her enough. She instantly made me feel relaxed and showed encouragement and thorough guidance throughout.”


Private 1x1 Student

One of my favourite activities in the summer

Starting my week well with Mel was one of my favourite activities in the summer to set me up for the week ahead. After every session, I have felt more grounded and had a clearer vision of my day and week ahead. Mel’s classes start with a quiet and reflective meditation of ten minutes before putting this meditation into practice with some optional journaling, for which Mel provides a prompt. This opportunity to meditate and reflect has been such a welcome change to my yoga routine as it truly establishes a calm and peaceful setting for the yoga practice itself. The vinyasa flow is well planned and integrates the meditation theme of the morning, resulting in me finishing the class feeling refreshed on a Monday morning. I am just sad that I will not be able to continue starting my week well with Mel on a Monday morning when work starts again!


Online yoga student



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