How to build your yoga practice: self-guided course

How to build your yoga practice: grow your confidence, find consistency and know yourself better in a self-guided course

Do you struggle to commit to a regular yoga practice? Would you like to be able to practice independently, without a teacher, wherever you go? Have the ups and downs of lockdowns left your yoga practice inconsistent and lacking direction? Or perhaps you started the year with clear resolutions and now, mid-year, you have lost track?

This online, self-guided course will help you to build a yoga practice that works for YOU and your lifestyle. Whether you prefer to practice at a studio, or by yourself, or a mix of the two, this course will help you understand what works best for you, so you can find consistency in your practice.

By the end of this course, you will…

  • Have a yoga flow that you can adapt to your energy levels and time
  • Feel more confident practicing without a teacher, knowing you have a safe and sustainable flow you can return back to again and again
  • Know yourself better: what works and what doesn’t, so you can find the right strategies to stay consistent in your practice
  • Have an action plan for your yoga practice that is realistic and fits your lifestyle

This course is ideal for those who have done a little yoga before, but would like to UPLEVEL their practice, for anyone who would like to begin practicing more independently, or anyone struggling to stick with a regular yoga practice.

The course includes:

  • 5 exclusive, short, downloadable yoga flow videos that you can mix and match according to your time, energy, and mood. 
  • A beautiful 18-page e-workbook designed by me, Melanie Thomas Yoga, containing a wealth of information on how to create and build a consistent yoga practice that works for you, as well as journal reflection prompts and exercises to know yourself better.

Please note that the image shows the printed version of the ebook. You will receive a downloadable, PDF version of the workbook that you can print at home.