‘Happy’ International Yoga Day?

‘happy’ international yoga day…? Inaugurated by the United Nations in 2014, International Yoga Day (IYD) was the culmination of a campaign led by Indian Prime Minister Modi, and so, unsurprisingly, it’s political origins have been a source of controversy in the yoga world since its inception. Yet, little has been written about the subject in […]

How to choose a yoga mat

how to choose a yoga mat Choosing a yoga mat is one of the most common questions I have been asked as a yoga teacher! There is so much choice available, tonnes of features – do you want Eco-friendly? Alignment markings? Is more expensive really better? Here is a guide to choosing your yoga mat […]

What is the meaning of OM?

As part of the philosophy component of the yoga teacher training I undertook at Yoga West, I wrote an essay on the meaning of OM. I have edited it a little for clarity and format, but otherwise reproducing here on the blog! You can also read my essay on: “Why practice Yoga?” here, which I […]

Why Practice Yoga?

Triangle Pose Yoga

why practice yoga? I wrote the below essay as part of my yoga teacher training, and I have decided to publish it here as a blog post, to offer you my thoughts and feelings around why we practice yoga, and what it can offer us. I hope you enjoy…. beginning I have my journal in […]