10 Ways to Infuse Movement into Your Busy Workday

“The only bad posture is the one you spend too much time in” – Dr Andrea Spino There are so many benefits to moving regularly throughout your day, and posture is just one of them. By moving into different positions throughout your day, you prevent your body from adapting to a sitting position and instead […]

How to stick to your New Year’s Resolutions

If you have ever stepped inside a gym in January – any gym – you will know that “New Year’s Resolutioners” are a thriving segment of the population.  Even if everyone around you would have you believe they don’t believe in resolutions, or they casually bat off any suggestion they may have set a goal, […]

It’s time to embrace inconsistency, not habit change.

I have a problem with habit-change books. I can see they are well-intentioned, and it’s a compelling idea that you can make something like working out so easy and consistent that you do it just as easily as you brush your teeth every day. When I first read habit books like Gretchen Rubin’s Better Than […]

The 10 daily health practices that have transformed my energy

Coriander seeds on a wooden spoon

First, a caveat. I LOVE yoga and I credit it for transforming my life in so many ways, and particularly when it comes to my energy levels. As my posture has come into better alignment and I have got stronger through yoga, my energy levels have significantly increased. I’ve also seen my backache disappear, migraines […]

How to know if you’re heading toward burnout

Women leans over her desk with head in hands, computer in front of her

Stress is a word that gets banded around quite freely. When you ask how someone is doing “I’m a bit stressed but I’m fine” is a phrase I hear a lot, or “This is so stressful” when doing a difficult task. You might even consider yourself quite stressed. But how do you know when stress […]

How to feel restored and re-energised without getting more sleep

Is anyone else tired of the sleep brigade? I feel exhausted just listening to people telling me that I need to get more sleep! I find it frustrating when I see influencers and podcasters sharing statistics on how important sleep is, because I genuinely don’t believe that it will change sleep behaviour. Generally, prioritising my […]

3 powerful ways yoga can help with anxiety

Yoga is often talked about as a positive tool to help people reduce symptoms of anxiety. Does it actually help? It can, but it’s crucial you find a style and teacher that works for you.

Take a walk every day on your lunch break and watch how your career transforms

Melanie looking out at beautiful view of hills

Take a walk every day on your lunch break and watch how your career transforms If I offered you a pill that would make you feel happier, and healthier, improve your ability to concentrate on your work, improve your relationship with your colleagues, and had no negative side effects, would you jump at the chance? […]

4 ways yoga effectively helps reduce and manage stress

When we put our muscles under load (stress!) they respond by getting stronger to meet that demand. In many ways, the stress in our lives can have the same positive impact. Think about: how often has a deadline pushed you to get work done that otherwise you would never have got around to?