It’s time to embrace inconsistency, not habit change.

I have a problem with habit-change books. I can see they are well-intentioned, and it’s a compelling idea that you can make something like working out so easy and consistent that you do it just as easily as you brush your teeth every day. When I first read habit books like Gretchen Rubin’s Better Than […]

The 10 daily health practices that have transformed my energy

Coriander seeds on a wooden spoon

First, a caveat. I LOVE yoga and I credit it for transforming my life in so many ways, and particularly when it comes to my energy levels. As my posture has come into better alignment and I have got stronger through yoga, my energy levels have significantly increased. I’ve also seen my backache disappear, migraines […]

Here’s why I’m not celebrating International Yoga Day

Warrior Yoga Pose

Inaugurated by the United Nations in 2014, International Yoga Day (IYD) was the culmination of a campaign led by Indian Prime Minister Modi. Unsurprisingly, its political origins have been a source of controversy in the yoga world since its inception. Yet, little has been written about the subject in mainstream yoga publications, and we are […]

How to reconnect with your yoga practice when you feel unmotivated

Every summer, yoga studios go quiet. As the heat begins to rise, studios here get quieter, and there’s a gentle, quiet buzz to the spaces that I love. I have taught and worked in several studios, and I’m yet to see a studio that thrives on attendance in the summer months. It is partly due […]

3 powerful ways yoga can help with anxiety

Yoga is often talked about as a positive tool to help people reduce symptoms of anxiety. Does it actually help? It can, but it’s crucial you find a style and teacher that works for you.

Why is posture important?


In short: posture is important! Here is why it matters, the connection between posture and pain, and how improving your posture can help benefit your body.

How to keep your shoulders healthy when practicing yoga

How to keep your shoulders healthy when practicing yoga The shoulders are the most mobile joint in the body, and in yoga we put a lot of demand on them! It’s important to keep the shoulders healthy in terms of both strength and mobility so we can keep practicing yoga for a long time. Here’s […]

4 ways yoga effectively helps reduce and manage stress

When we put our muscles under load (stress!) they respond by getting stronger to meet that demand. In many ways, the stress in our lives can have the same positive impact. Think about: how often has a deadline pushed you to get work done that otherwise you would never have got around to?

How to choose a yoga mat

How to choose a yoga mat Choosing a yoga mat is one of the most common questions I have been asked as a yoga teacher! There is so much choice available, tonnes of features – do you want Eco-friendly? Alignment markings? Is more expensive really better? Here is a guide to choosing your yoga mat […]

Why Practice Yoga?

Triangle Pose Yoga

Why practice yoga? I wrote the below essay as part of my yoga teacher training, and I have decided to publish it here as a blog post, to offer you my thoughts and feelings around why we practice yoga, and what it can offer us. I hope you enjoy…. Beginning I have my journal in […]