Ready to Beat Burnout, Transform Your Health and Thrive In Your Career? 

Your health is the key to your success.

My Signature 1:1 Programme, Revitalise, will help you overcome stress and beat burnout, in minimal time.

In 12 weeks, you can build a strong body, focused mind & supercharged energy so that you can thrive in your career.

You Deserve to Reclaim Your Time and Feel Energised Again

Your health doesn’t need to hold you back…

Maybe you’re wondering if your dream career is even possible for you…

You’re In The Right Place

I help busy, corporate professionals reclaim their time and their health with my signature method

Before meeting me, my clients struggle with the intense demands of a corporate career.

The more they get promoted, the less time they seem to have. Finding time to exercise feels increasingly impossible, as they juggle competing demands… 

My mission is to revolutionize your approach to health, using yoga, meditation and lifestyle changes, so you can build a strong body and a calm, focused mind in minimal time.

I take the complexity out of your exercise routine, by providing you with a straightforward exercise plan that covers strength, mobility, cardio and balance training.

Critically, it gets you results in minimal time, so you can focus on driving forward in your career.

How Would It Feel To…

All Of This is 100% Possible For You!


Eilish Thomas

“I’ve always been worried about attending a Yoga class due to my lack of experience, however, after my first online class with Mel, I cannot recommend her enough. She instantly made me feel relaxed and showed encouragement and thorough guidance throughout.”

How? The answer is easy:

It’s Time to Take Back Control.

My signature 1:1 programme, Revitalise, is my proven, step-by-step blueprint to overcome stress and avoid burnout. 

Revitalise combines yoga-based functional movement classes with meditation techniques to calm your mind and teach you how to manage your stress. 

It is designed to support you, over 12 weeks, to take back control over your time, your health and your wellbeing. 

It’s Not Your Fault…

3 in 4 people say they have experienced burnout in their job

Burnout is getting more and more common, yet many people don’t realise that stress has tipped over into burnout territory until they hit their rock-bottom. 

Feeling over-worked and over-stressed may seem normal to you, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Don’t wait to hit rock bottom before you make a change.

My method not only gives you a yoga-based movement programme, but also helps you holistically. By incorporating small, actionable wellbeing practices into your daily routine, you can revitalise your life and move forward with calm, focused energy.

Source: Deloitte

The Workplace is Changing

In an always-on digital world, the old ways of managing your health don’t work.

Gone are the days of working 9-5, with time in the evening for hobbies and activities. 

The reality is that the old ways of winding down are not cutting it in an always-on digital workplace.

Now you can check your emails before you have got out of bed, and your boss can contact you in the middle of a magical moment with your family.

Add the physical demand of spending hours sitting at your desk in your home office, and is it any wonder your health has taken a hit?

I can help you reclaim your time and your health.

With my signature method, you don’t need to a complex workout plan that splits out upper body training, lower body training, cardio days, mobility or yoga sessions, leaving you exhausted and with no time left. 

I teach a one-stop-shop movement method that combines functional, yoga-based training, plyometric work and meditation, so you can save time.

Revitalise teaches you the movement, mind work and lifestyle changes that will help you to bring you into better balance. You will learn how to release built-up stress in the body, re-regulate your nervous system and you will gain a toolkit to manage your health going forward.

other methods lead to…

Frustration and Exhaustion.

1. Working overtime trying to get your work under control.

Between the always-on world of digital distractions and the shift in corporate culture to ‘maximising resource’ (aka hiring fewer people!), there is no longer an endpoint to your workload.

Instead, the ability to focus your mind, prioritise the important and manage your time is critical to getting ahead in your career. And you can only do that with a strong foundation of physical health.

2. Managing the symptoms instead of addressing the root cause.

Using caffeine to wake you up,  painkillers to numb the aches and pains, alcohol to wind down, sleeping pills to help you sleep…. Sound familiar? Managing your symptoms without addressing the root causes is ultimately neglecting your body and worsening your symptoms over time.

There Is A Better way; A Healing Way.

In just 12 weeks, you can…


Re-balance your body

Yoga-based functional movement practice

Starting with a postural assessment and implementing a consistent, yoga-based functional movement practice, you bring your body into better balance – and reduce aches & pains from long hours sat at your desk! – from day one. 


Calm your mind

Settle your thoughts & focus your attention

The ability to focus in a world of digital distractions is critical to get ahead in your career. We start with an SOS toolkit for managing high-stress situations, and implement regular mind-supporting practices to train your brain to stay focused and calm.


Supercharge your energy

Restore your body and mind with rest

Learn and implement the simple, practical, actionable lifestyle changes that will help you to reclaim your time, manage your workload, and experience deep rest.

With a balanced body, calm mind and supercharged energy, you can feel revitalised in your health, your life and your career

…And I’m Going To Show You How!

Hi, I’m Melanie…

…and I’ve been where you are

With a decade of experience working in a corporate career for a Fortune 500 company, I know first hand the impact of a high-pressure, professional environment on your health and wellbeing.

I understand what it feels like to work hours and hours, and still feel like you haven’t made a dent in your workload.

When I turned my health around, my work transformed too

Building my yoga and meditation brought my body and mind into better balance, but it wasn’t until I addressed my health holistically – by implementing daily wellbeing practices and changing how I managed my time – that I was able to move forward in my career feeling revitalised.

…And now it’s your turn!

Your Health Is the Key to Your Success

I know that right now, it may feel like you can only improve your health if you have more time.

But what if I told you, you have it backwards?

What if your health becomes the foundation on which you build your success in your life and career?

Revitalise teaches you how a foundation of movement and lifestyle interventions can accelerate your career.

That Means No More…

It’s time to build a strong body and drive forward with energy


The Best Practice Method.

So, what is Revitalise?

Revitalise is a 12 week programme that follows my expert framework: the best practice method.

Best Practices are not just for the workplace.

I want you to be able to experience and implement best practices in your health and wellbeing. 

The Best Practice Method is a 3-pillar methodology that underpins your 12 week programme, Revitalise.

When working with clients as a yoga instructor, I recognised that physical movement was only one piece of the puzzle. 

So, I created the Best Practice Method to integrate the mind work and lifestyle changes needed alongside your movement practice, in order to transform your health. 

The methodology draws upon postural alignment, functional movement, meditation teachings and more, to teach you how to thrive at work (and in your life!) in minimal time.

Revitalise Gives You Everything You Need To Beat Burnout and Thrive at Work

…Even if you think you don’t have time

Revitalise will revolutionise how you exercise, so you can build a strong body without spending hours in the gym. It will give you a step-by-step system for managing your time, so you can prioritise what is important. Critically, Revitalise will enable you to rediscover true rest, so you feel energised, restored and inspired.

…Even if you have tried exercise plans before and didn’t stick with them

Revitalise is 360-degree plan that doesn’t look at your body in isolation. I teach my clients that their career success can only go so far as their health success. When you address your body, mind and lifestyle factors together, you create the time and space you need to thrive in your career.

…Even if you think your mind could never be calm

You might have tried meditation before and found your thoughts to be whirring and calmness seemed out of your grasp. Revitalise takes you step-by-step through a programme of body and mind work. We start by resetting your physical body and teaching you how to complete the stress cycle, so that your mind feels calmer straight away.

No matter where you are now, or what you have tried before, by the end of the 12 weeks you will have the systems in place and the tools you need to drive forward in your career, revitalised.

My Clients Find Me Feeling Burnt Out And Overwhelmed, And Leave Feeling Inspired and Revitalised.

Now It’s Your Turn!

Revitalise Outline…

Revitalise is your personal plan to overcoming stress, avoiding burnout, and getting your health back on track.

Here is a preview of what you will learn in 12 weeks…

The 3 steps you’ll take in Revitalise


Functional Movement

Revitalise your body

Revitalise starts with looking at your posture and your range of movement to establish a baseline on which we build a stronger, more mobile body.


Mind work

Revitalise your focus

This section is called ‘Mind Work’ because meditation is only one of the tools I will teach you to calm your mind. We use a combination of meditation practices, breathing exercises and yoga nidra.


Lifestyle Changes

Revitalise your energy

Learn and implement the simple, actionable lifestyle changes that will enable you to reclaim your time, and move you toward an inspired vision for your future career.


Functional Movement

Revitalise your movement

Revitalise starts with looking at your posture and your range of movement to establish a baseline on which we build a stronger, more mobile body over 12 weeks. 


Mind work

Revitalise your mind

This section is called ‘Mind Work’ because meditation is only one of the tools I will teach you to calm your mind. We use a combination of meditation practices, breathing exercises and yoga nidra to calm your mind.


Lifestyle Changes

Revitalise your lifestyle

Learn and implement the simple, practical, actionable lifestyle changes that will help  you to reclaim your time, shift your mindset toward your work, your life and your health, and begin to move you toward and inspired vision for your future career.

Plus, You’ll Feel Deeply Supported

I’ll be with you every step of the way

Weekly check-ins

Your 1:1 Zoom sessions give you live feedback on your form and alignment in your exercise programme and feel confident practicing yoga at home.

The live sessions are also an opportunity to review how you are progressing in the programme, and for you to ask any questions.

a step-by-step plan

Revitalise helps you get a handle on your stress from day one, with step-by-step guidance that even the busiest people can implement.

Each week, your movement flows and training videos are waiting for you in the online portal, so you always know what to do next.

In just 12 weeks, you’ll be on your way to reclaiming your life.

There are so many options out there…

What Makes Revitalise Any Different?

More than just a yoga plan

Revitalise will revolutionise how you workout, so you can discover how to build a strong body in minimal time.

But it goes beyond a workout plan to directly address the challenges faced by professionals under high pressure in corporate careers – just like you.

Revitalise addresses your lifestyle

Most fitness programmes give you a set of physical workouts to follow and then leave you to it!

Revitalise addresses your mind and mindset alongside your physical health.

Revitalise is a one-stop-shop for your health and wellbeing

Your weekly yoga-based functional movement practices will revolutionise how you workout. I believe you don’t need to spend hours in the gym to build a strong, healthy body.

My flows combine strength training, mobility, balance, coordination, and gradually build up to increase the plyometrics too, so you get a one-stop-shop that saves you time and gives you more bang for your buck. 

High level accountability and support

Revitalise is designed to make sure you are supported throughout the 12 weeks, so you don’t have to do this alone. With a weekly live check in, you are held accountable to staying on track as well – plus, I’m your biggest cheerleader! I want you to succeed, and will make sure you are inspired and motivated to complete each week.

A Personal Note From Me


The truth is, supporting your health and wellbeing whilst navigating the corporate ladder and driving toward your dream career? It’s challenging.

But you don’t have to do it alone

We all know intuitively what it means to feel healthy, energised and revitalised in life, but when you are in the midst of stress or even burnout, knowing where to start can be overwhelming.

I know how it feels to be overwhelmed by work and for your health to feel at the bottom of your priority list.

I also know what it feels like to come out the other side of a dark tunnel, with a new-found energy and revitalisation not only for your career, but for your life.

It’s time to change

You have no idea the beautiful new life that is waiting for you. I can’t wait for you to see it.

The Future Looks Bright.

Let me paint the picture for you…

You wake up each morning restored and re-energised by a full night’s sleep.

You have time to exercise, take care of your mind with a meditation, step outside for some fresh air and eat a nourishing breakfast before you sit down to work.

You have a clear vision for your career and take aligned action each day to move toward your goals.

You take time in your day for lunch and a movement break. You feel focused in meetings thanks to the downtime you have had to rest.

You have a clear picture of your work, you are on track to meet your deadlines, and you feel your work is under control.

You finish work on time. In the evening, you rest and restore with screen-free down time.

You can be present with your family and loved ones, because you know that your critical tasks are prioritised.

Welcome to your new normal.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Revitalise for me?

If you are ready to build a strong body, calm your mind and supercharge your energy, then yes! Revitalise is you.

2. I have an injury, will I be able to do the workouts?

With any injury or health condition, of course, you must have the clearance of your doctor or other medical professional to exercise. Whilst I can adapt your 1:1 yoga sessions to account for your individual circumstances, I cannot adapt the pre-recorded flows. We can use the 1:1 sessions for me to give you guidance on how to adapt some elements of the flow, but it depends on your individual circumstances. I recommend that you book a free consultation, and we can discuss further if Revitalise will work for you. If it will not be suitable, in most cases I can recommend a suitable healthcare professional.

3. Can I do Revitalise if I am pregnant?

If cleared to do so by your doctor or other healthcare provider, yes you can take Revitalise. I would recommend you book your first 1:1 live session with me before you begin the pre-recorded flows, so we can discuss how to adapt the flows, where needed, to suit you.

4. How much time will I need to dedicate each week to the programme?

The programme is designed to provide you with a yoga-based movement programme, as well as lifestyle changes, to help you to reclaim your time and revitalise your energy. Although you will need to make time to complete the programme, you are supported in finding the time and re-prioritising your health.  Each yoga flow is 30 minutes or less. You will also get 1x live online session with me directly each week, which will last 1 hour, and 1 or 2 lifestyle videos per week, totalling no more than 30 minutes. 

5. Do I need to purchase any equipment or have access to a gym?

The yoga flows are designed to do from home, so the only thing you need is a yoga mat and 2 yoga blocks. You do not need access to a gym.

6. I feel stressed and burnt out, should I get therapy?

I am not a mental health professional and this programme is not designed to replace therapy or other mental health support. If you are experiencing depression or any other mental health struggles, please seek help from a mental health professional such as a therapist, and/or speak to your healthcare provider.

7. How long will I have access to the programme?

You have lifetime access to all the pre-recorded video and audio content in the training. This includes each of the yoga flows, meditation audios and the SOS library. You will also have lifetime access to the recordings of your life sessions with me, if you request it (it’s personal choice!) You have a weekly live session with me for the 12 weeks of the programme, to help you kick-start your new life and accelerate your change. After the 12 weeks, if you wish to continue working with me, you have the option to book further sessions.

8. What are your credentials?

I am a qualified yoga and meditation instructor, and trained first in traditional forms of yoga such as ashtanga and vinyasa, with a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training accredited by Yoga Alliance.

My desire to better support my clients with flows that are rooted in knowledge of the anatomy of the body and its biomechanics (how the body and the joints move) led me to train in LYT Method Yoga, which is a style of yoga created by a physio-therapist for smarter, safer movement.

I qualified in LYT Method Yoga Level 1, then went on to take 2 further 100-hour trainings with LYT Method in teaching to specialty populations, and the Extremities anatomical training. I have also regularly taken further continued professional development training (CPD) since I qualified. All of my yoga flows are rooted in the LYT Method.

Critically, I have worked for a decade in a high-pressure, corporate career which helps me to understand what my clients are going through – I have been where you are.

Beat Burnout and Reclaim Your Life!

It’s time to step into your new life. A strong, healthy and revitalised life is waiting for you.

What are you waiting for? Let’s do this together.

Have a question? Ask me via hello@melaniethomasyoga.com

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