When is the Best Time to Set Your Goals? Tips for Effective Goal Setting

Goal setting seems to be all the rage, right? And not just in the workplace, but also in personal lives. More and more we are turning to techniques like goal setting, manifesting and visualisation to steer our lives toward our dreams. And the studies show that goal-setters have a 43% higher likelihood of achieving their […]

How to know if you’re heading toward burnout

Women leans over her desk with head in hands, computer in front of her

Stress is a word that gets banded around quite freely. When you ask how someone is doing “I’m a bit stressed but I’m fine” is a phrase I hear a lot, or “This is so stressful” when doing a difficult task. You might even consider yourself quite stressed. But how do you know when stress […]

4 ways yoga effectively helps reduce and manage stress

When we put our muscles under load (stress!) they respond by getting stronger to meet that demand. In many ways, the stress in our lives can have the same positive impact. Think about: how often has a deadline pushed you to get work done that otherwise you would never have got around to?